Sunday, May 19, 2013

For Sale - 500 kg's of 24 ct refined, hallmarked gold bars in India

I am looking for serious buyers of 24 ct refined gold bars in India. That means direct gold buyers, individuals, investors or companies that actually buy & pay for the gold, not other agents, brokers, intermediaries or mandates of buyers! Buyers will have to supply full disclosure, such as a color copy of passport, full company details(Company profile), bank comfort letter (BCL) via lawyers escrow account to be emailed to me which is required by the seller. Once I receive the requested documents, buyers will be introduced to the seller and deal directly with the seller thereafter. The seller will discuss the offer and procedures with the buyer. Once you the buyer are satisfied with the offer & procedures from the seller and the seller is satisfied that you are a genuine buyer, the seller would require a completed & signed FCO from you which he will draft & email to you before the transaction can be concluded. NB: This is only required if you have the funds to purchase a minimum of 500 kilograms of refined 24 ct gold bars. Thank you. Awaiting your soonest reply. If interested please contact me asap. Mark Waite Precious Metals & Stones Broker Skype: good2breal Mobile: +27 81 271 4228 Email: FREE VIDEO: Make $45,328.44 TODAY anywhere in world from your laptop or PC...

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